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Senator Ngo introduces motion to reconvene the International Conference on Viet-Nam

[For immediate release]- June 30, 2021

On June 29, 2021, Senator Thanh Hai Ngo spoke to his motion in the Senate, Motion to Reconvene the International Conference on Viet-Nam.

This Motion urges the Government of Canada to call upon six or more of the current parties to the 1973 Act of the International Conference on Viet-Nam (the Act) to agree to reconvene the International Conference on Viet-Nam, pursuant to Article 7(b) of the Act.

On March 2, 1973 a conference was concluded by the signing of the Act, wherein, the parties to the Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Viet-Nam (the Paris Peace Accords) and eight other countries – Canada, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Poland, UK, the Soviet Union, and China – pledged they would, henceforth, not only uphold and support its terms but also abide by its provisions, including those related to foreign interference. Both the Act and the Paris Peace Accords were registered with the UN Secretariat on May 13, 1974. Continue reading

Senator Ngo commemorates World Refugee Day

[For immediate release] – June 23, 2021

 Today, Senator Thanh Hai Ngo issued the following Statement to commemorate World Refugee Day on Sunday, June 20th, 2021:

 Officially designated as an international day of commemoration in December of 2000 by the United Nations, World Refugee Day falls every year on June 20th to recognize, bring awareness to and support the struggles faced by refugees everywhere.

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