Chiến trường Syria khủng khiếp

Nếu quý vị không xem YouTube được vì cần “Sign in to confirm your age”
– thì quý vị phải có 1 email với, với tuổi trên 18
– login của quý vị

youtube-warningSau đó, thì quý vị cần bấm thêm một lần nữa để chấp nhận xem những video loại kinh hoàng này. “I understand and wish to proceed”


v/v Notice: Age-restricted video (requested by uploader).

Uploader age-restrict feature

This type of age-restriction is imposed by the uploader and is not a result of a review by YouTube. This feature gives uploaders more control over their content by allowing them to age-restrict their own videos.

Viewers must be logged-in and 18 years of age or older to view age-restricted videos. These videos are also are not shown in certain sections of YouTube. Also, age-restricted videos will by default not show ads and can not be monetized. If the video uploaded is intended to be used as an ad, this age-restriction should not be used as it will result in ads being permanently disapproved.

In deciding whether to age restrict content, you should consider issues such as violence, disturbing imagery, nudity, sexually suggestive content, and portrayal of dangerous or illegal activities. For further clarification please refer to our Help Center article on Age-restrictions

Videos that have been proactively age-restricted by the uploader are, however, still subject to YouTube’s Community Guidelines and can still be flagged by the YouTube Community. If YouTube determines a video should be age-restricted, a permanent age restriction will be applied, whether or not the video was restricted by the user.

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