Thư gởi cho LHQ nói về việc ngăn chận CSVN xin vào Hội đồng Nhân Quyền

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Dear Ambassador Samantha Power,

As a member of the Vietnamese community I write to oppose the upcoming coveted seat of Vietnam to the 47 nation of the United Nations Human Rights Council expected on November 12, 2013.

The Communist Party of Vietnam notoriously and systematically violates every article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This regime continues to suppress dissent, persecute religious minorities and hold its people under an authoritarians rule that forces its people to find refuge in other parts of the world.

The election of repressive regimes would cast be a credibility deficit to the United National Human Rights Council, preventing it from being at the forefront of international efforts to promote and protect human rights.

I ask you to please speak against the Vietnam’s expected seat in the United National Human Rights Council and remind them of their human rights obligation.


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